Apron Assembly – Aluminum


Use to flash the lower side (down slope) of chimneys or dormers. 0.032″ Kynar Aluminum.

Features watertight corners.

Use under siding, manufactured stone, or stucco or with Straight Counter Flashing or Through Wall Flashing to flash brick or stone walls to roof.

Select color and specify the A and B DIMENSIONS (see the DIAGRAM) and the total width desired. If more than one length/configuration is required, order each piece separately. Enter fractions as decimals. Specify the Roof Slope. Units over 72 Inches wide will be shipped in two pieces with a 6 Inch over lap at the center.

Pac Clad Color Chart

All Pac Clad aluminum colors are available. Email us for a quote on any colors not optioned. Longer lead times are probable.

For One Sided Assemblies, specify Left or Right. (viewing from below)

48 State Ground Shipping is included.

Quantity Discounts for multiple items of the same size will be applied in the Shopping Cart. For multiple sizes, enter each size separately.

Lead Time ~ 1 Week.