Apron Assembly

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For use on the lower side (down slope) of chimneys or dormers.

16oz or 20oz bright copper, 16oz lead coated copper, or 16oz Freedom Gray copper.

Features soldered, watertight corners.

Up to 8 foot lengths can be shipped Ground.

Use under siding or stucco or with Straight Counter Flashing or Through Wall Flashing to flash brick or stone walls to roof.

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1) The A & B dimensions – see the drawing above.

2) The total width desired. If more than one length/configuration is required, order each piece separately. Enter the WIDTH in inches. Enter any fractions as decimals.

3) Specify the Roof Slope.

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16oz Bright Copper, 20oz Bright Copper, 16oz Lead Coated Copper, 16oz Freedom Gray Copper