Complete Bow Window Roof – Standing Seam


  • 16oz Bright Copper or 0.032″ Kynar Aluminum standing seam pre-fabricated roof assemblies for Bow Windows are delivered as one-piece units ready for installation.
  • All Pac Clad aluminum colors are available. Email us for a quote on any colors not optioned. Longer lead times are probable.
  • Pac Clad Color Chart
  • Our roofs are available to fit site built units as well as factory built bows. Enter the dimensions indicated on the drawing at the left.
  • Please email us for other Bow Window configurations or for help ordering.
  • Includes base flashing for installation against stucco or sided walls. Order the appropriate flashing kit for Brick or Manufactured Stone walls.
  • Specify the Dimensions in inches, fractions as decimals. Obtain these measurements from the bow window unit.  Include the fascia height in the Roof Height at Center Dimension.
  • 48 State Shipping is included. Select the applicable destination type.
  • Lead Time ~ 4-5 Weeks.

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