Chimney Cap CC101


For use on full masonry chimneys only. 16oz Bright Copper.

Enter the desired LENGTH and WIDTH with Fractions as Decimals. Please measure all four sides, since some chimneys/chases are not perfectly square or rectangular. Enter the larger of the Length and Width dimensions. Email us for quotes on multiple or irregular flue holes or non rectangular chimneys.

Select the Side Flange Height and Mesh Height. Bottom Edge of the Side Flange is Hemmed. 10 Inch Mesh Height will accommodate up to a 5 Inch flue tile protrusion.

Select MESH SIZE (5/8″ or 3/4″) or NO MESH. Some jurisdictions require a 5/8″ spark arrester.

See the Shopping Cart for QUANTITY DISCOUNTS. Discounts will be given for multiple units of the same size.

Shipping is included for the Lower 48. Select the correct destination type.

Lead Time ~ 2 Weeks.