Chimney Shroud CS111

$0.69 sq. in.

Enter the desired LENGTH & WIDTH. Enter Fractions as Decimals.

Standard Mesh is Copper

Standard Side Flange Height is 2 Inches.

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Standard Mesh Height is 10 Inches. Order 14 Inch Mesh Height Here.

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NO FLUE HOLE is the Standard Configuration.

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For use on masonry chimneys.

Enter the Length & Width in the boxes above.

Please measure all four sides, since some chimneys/chases are not perfectly square or rectangular. Use the Chimney Cover Measuring Guide for measuring directions.

Standard Side Flange Height (the band that wraps around the top of the chimney and provides the fastening area) is 2 inches.

Standard screen height is 10 inches.

Shipped fully assembled. Tools needed: Drill, Phillips screwdriver, measuring tape, and a caulk gun. The top is removable for flue cleaning.

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Crated caps can sometimes weigh 200 lbs or more.