Cupola Size


Cupola Sizing: Use 1.25″ inches of cupola width for every foot of unbroken roof ridge the unit will be installed on. Example: For a ridge section that is 24 feet, the proper size cupola would be 30″. For ridges 48 feet or longer, two or more cupolas should be used. To calculate size for multiple cupolas, use 1.5″ per foot of ridge divided by the number of cupolas. Example: For two cupolas on a 48 foot ridge, the proper cupola size would be 36″.


Additional information

Cupola Width

18"x18"x36"H, 24"x24"x48"H, 30"x30"x60"H, 36"x36"x72"H, 42"x42"x84"H, 48"x48"x96"H, 60"x60"x120"H, 72"x72"x144"H, 84"x84"x168"H