Full At Ridge Real Stone Chimney Flashing Kit

$0.36$0.62 sq. in.

Select desired Roof Slope Here.

Select Material and Enter Chimney Width and Side Dimension.

Total Area (sq. in.)
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Determine the ROOF SLOPE and specify above.

Enter the WIDTH and SIDE Dimensions in INCHES.

Specify Desired Flashing Material: 16oz or 20oz bright copper, 16oz or 20oz lead coated copper, or 16oz Freedom Gray Copper.

All Necessary Flashing Components are included.

Corners and ridges are soldered watertight.

Tools required: Angle grinder or plugging chisel, hammer, metal snips, drill, pop rivet tool, caulk gun.

Rental Tool Kits are available.

These kits are for Real Stone chimneys only.

Contact us with any questions.

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16oz Bright Copper, 20oz Bright Copper, 16oz Lead Coated Copper, 16oz Freedom Gray Copper