Full In Plane Manufactured Stone & Stucco / EIFS Chimney Flashing Kit

$0.33$0.43 sq. in.

For Installation on Manufactured Stone or Stucco clad Chases or Chimneys. Allows installation of Stone or Stucco before the roofing material is installed and for future replacement of the roofing material without disturbing the Stone or Stucco (or EIFS).

Select the ROOF SLOPE and enter the WIDTH and SIDE Dimensions in INCHES. Measure the SIDE against the roof rather than horizontally.

Specify Desired Flashing Material: 16oz or 20oz bright copper. Freedom Gray and Lead Coated Copper are also available.

Specify the type of Roofing Material, ie asphalt shingles, tile, etc. Specify the Reveal (course height).

All Necessary Flashing Components are included.

Corners are soldered watertight.

Add Saddle/Cricket in lieu of standard Back Pan. Recommended if the chimney is wider than 30″ or near the eave. Go Here for the complete Cricket Assembly if no Cricket currently exists or Go Here to flash an existing Cricket.

Tools required:  hammer, metal snips, drill, pop rivet tool.

Contact us with any questions.

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16oz Bright Copper, 20oz Bright Copper


3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 8/12, 9/12, 10, 12, 11/12, 12/12, 14/12