Awning Roof Kit – Diamond Shingles


Copper Shingle Awning Roof Kit for new or existing awnings. 16oz Bright Copper. 9 1/2″x9 1/2″” Shingles.

Measure the roof WIDTH at the eave and it’s DEPTH (Rafter Length) along the slope from the eave to the wall. See the Measuring Guide to the left.

Enter the Face Flange Height desired for the Drip Edge in inches, fractions as decimals.

If the roof abuts brick, select the Brick Flashing. When ordering Brick Counter Flashing, Enter the flashing height necessary. To determine this, measure from the roof deck up the brick to the mortar joint you’ll be installing the Counter Flashing into.

If the roof is to be installed below manufactured stone, select the Manufactured Stone Flashing. Select “N/A” if installing under siding or abutting brick. No counter flashing is necessary for installation under siding or stucco.

Approximately 200 Nails and 200 Hold Down Clips are necessary for each 100 square feet of roof.

Flashing and Hand Tool Kits are available for loan with a deposit refundable upon return. Customer pays return shipping. 30 day free usage. Daily rental is charged against the deposit thereafter

Free 48 State Shipping.