Bay Roof Kit – Straight Rafter – Copper Standing Seam


Copper Standing Seam Straight Rafter Bay Roof Kit. 16oz Bright Copper. Double rolled seams are 1″ tall.

Acquire all the dimensions on the diagram at the left.

If the roof abuts brick, order Brick Flashing. When ordering Brick Counter Flashing, Select the flashing height necessary for the straight center section. To determine this, measure from the roof deck up the brick to the mortar joint you’ll be installing the Counter Flashing into. Subtract an inch (for the seam height) and enter that number. For example: If you measure 5 3/8″ from roof deck to mortar joint, enter 4.375″ for the Center Flashing Height.

If the roof is to be installed below manufactured stone, order the Manufactured Stone Flashing. No counter flashing is necessary for installation under siding.

Approximately 100 Nails and Hold Down Clips are necessary for each 100 square feet of roof. Most bay roofs will require only one pack of each.

Hand Seamers can be used to close the seams, but we provide a “lender” installation tool kit containing all tools make installation easier. A Flashing Tool Kit is also available.

48 State Shipping is included.