Awning Roof Kit – Standing Seam


  • Standing seam roof panels fabricated from  12oz, 16oz, 20oz Bright or 16oz Freedom Gray Copper, 26ga or 24ga Galvanized, Rezibond Steel, 26ga or 24ga Galvalume, or 0.032″ Kynar Aluminum. See the color chart. All colors shown are available, but those not listed may result in longer lead times and varying price.
  • Pac Clad Color Chart
  • To order: Measure the roof WIDTH at the eave and it’s DEPTH along the slope from the eave to the wall. See the Measuring Guide to the left. Enter Dimensions in inches, using decimals for fractions.
  • Left and Right end panels will be sized the same for balance.
  • Double rolled seams are 1″ tall.
  • If the roof abuts brick, order Brick Flashing. When ordering Brick Counter Flashing, Select the flashing height necessary for the straight center section. To determine this, measure from the roof deck up the brick to the mortar joint you’ll be installing the Counter Flashing into. Subtract an inch (for the seam height) and enter that number. For example: If you measure 5 3/8″ from roof deck to mortar joint, enter 4.375″ for the Center Flashing Height.
  • If the roof is to be installed below manufactured stone, order the Manufactured Stone Flashing. No counter flashing is necessary for installation under siding.
  • Hand Seamers can be used to close the seams, but we provide a “lender” installation tool kit containing all tools make installation easier.
  • All installation materials are included.
  • Please email us for a customization quote or for help ordering.
  • 48 State Shipping is included.
  • Lead Time ~ 1-2 Weeks.