Bay Roof Kit – Diamond Shingles


  • Diamond Shingle Bay Roof Kit.
  • For new construction and re-roof projects.
  • For Straight Rafter and Swept Rafter Bays.
  • 12oz, 16oz, 20oz Bright or 16oz Freedom Gray Copper, 26ga or 24ga Galvanized, Rezibond Steel, 26ga or 24ga Galvalume, or 0.032″ Kynar Aluminum. See the color chart. All colors shown are available, but those not listed may result in longer lead times and varying price.
  • Pac Clad Color Chart
  • Kit includes shingles, starter shingles, roof edge, wall receivers, hip covers, and fasteners.
  • Shingles are fabricated from 12″x12″ stock, netting 10 1/2″x 10 1/2″ coverage.
  • Tools necessary for installation: Snips, hammer, hand benders, rubber mallet, caulk gun, measuring device.
  • This kit includes base flashing for installation below stucco or sided walls. For installation against brick walls or manufactured stone, order the appropriate flashing.
  • Specify the Dimensions shown on the diagram at the left in inches and enter fractions as decimals.
  • Email us for customizations or help ordering.
  • 48 State Ground Shipping is included.
  • Lead time ~ 1-3 weeks.



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Weight .06 lbs