Ogee Edge Chase Cover

From: $313.04 sq. in.

For use on framed chases and masonry chimneys. 16oz Bright Copper. 16oz lead coated copper and 16oz Freedom Gray Copper are also available. Please request a quote if interested in these materials.

Covers are diagonally creased for strength.

Enter the desired LENGTH & WIDTH. Enter Fractions as Decimals. Please measure all four sides, since some chimneys/chases are not perfectly square or rectangular. Enter the larger of each of the Length & Width measurements if they are not the same. Add 1/4″ to Length & Width to insure a proper fit.

Standard Side Flange Height is 2 Inches.

Bottom Edge of the Side Flange is Hemmed.

Locate the hole(s) desired and enter that information in the box provided. Square and rectangular openings are also available.

Select Flue Hole(s) Diameter and Height.

Shipped fully assembled. Tools needed: Drill, Phillips screwdriver, measuring tape, and a caulk gun.

Free Lower 48 State Shipping.